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Bash Chelik

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PostSubject: GUILD INFO   GUILD INFO I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 3:44 pm

Hello my name is Bash Chelik and im GM of this guild "SPQR".

-We are raiding guild with 2 - 3 raid days a week, we wont be changing this pace until coming of Ulduar and maybe even then (only if arises as necessary).

-If you're interested in joining this here guild you should also be aware of that we do things here for fun, but we tend to hold discipline while doing it, so when coming to raids you should always bring (apart of optimism and good will) knowledge of TACTICS for the chosen raid, also flasks, food and REAGENTS (ankhs, symbols, candles etc..) not doing so you could find you're self making room for another guy...

- We don't use DKP we roll for items, when Ulduar comes out maybe it will be EPGP. Still think before you roll, we don't like greedy players...

- You need to be OK with not spending entire raids hunting for achievements. We will do what we can and if we have time.

- Your english skills need to be acceptable. You must be able to communicate important things through voicecoms (Ventrilo). Being on/listening to ventrilo is required every raid.

If you are ok with all of this above feel free to make an application

cheers, Bashchelik.

- Further more don't be annoying, raid invites will start on time don't spam the raid leader and DON'T sign up for raid if you're not going to attend, we will demote you and next time you wont get priority to raid

If you are ok with all this feel free to make an application.

cheers, Bashchelik
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