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 How to make an application

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How to make an application Empty
PostSubject: How to make an application   How to make an application I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 3:50 pm

This is how you're application should look like:

Personal Information

I am Aragornxxx, also known as Dennis when I'm not playing World Of Warcraft. I live in Austria, but my age, IRL stuffs and offline contact information are personal information, so I wont post them publically. If you require any of this information, feel free to contact me by whispers or mail In-Game or by a private message on these forums.

Character Information

My gear can be seen here: Aragornxxx's Armory
I love being shadow and would hope to play shadow in raiding environment, but if a dire need for healers shows up Im avaliable for respeccing.


Currently I can raid every day of the week if required. I might have IRL commitments during the week, but that only means Im able to log in later. On days that I have to do 'things' Im able to log in around 7 or 8pm. I will notify my classleader about days that dont suit me a good time beforehand.

More specific times:

Mondays: Whenever required
Tuesdays: Whenever required
Wednesdays: Most likely from 7/8pm onwards
Thursdays: 7/8pm onwards
Fridays: Whenever required if not clubbing
Saturday: Whenever required if not clubbing
Sundays: Most likely whenever required

Gaming (optional) and World Of Warcraft history

Bla bla bla

Why do you want to join SPQR?


What can I offer to SPQR?

I can offer a friendly and helpful guy with a twisted and sarcastic sense of humor. Im also quite active, willing to help my guildies whenever needed. I can offer myself as I am to SPQR, and I honestly think I am SPQR material both in raiding and social things.

Last words?

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How to make an application
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